Grateful and Complex

I am both extremely blessed and extremely grateful. Blessed with a beautiful caring, supportive family.  A honest, loving and passionate partner. True and kind friends. An education and a thirst for knowledge that has served me well. A good job I enjoy, with promising future prospects. A nice home with a comfortable bed. Wealth enough to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, not frivolous, but with some indulgence. Sometimes when i sit back and wonder at the privilege of my life my mind boggles. The fact I am so blessed does not escape me. Add to this, I’m only 22.


However as any young lady in her 20s I’m complicated and not without my tawdry, egocentric quirks. I hardly know where to start. So how about the other week, my partner asked me to imagine  and describe a rock, (among other things, as some form of personality test). My rock was smooth, grey, hard, laying in the palm of my hand and cool against my skin. I wasn’t a fan of the rock, but it was there and I was okay with it, accepting, indifferent. Mr then explained to me that “The Rock” is supposed to signify the problems in your life, the things weighing you down, holding you back. Some people see their rocks tied to their jobs, their relationships, their finance. Normally they are big and cumbersome. People hate the rock, despise it and want to throw it away. My rock, relatively small (compared to the “norm”), sitting in the palm of my hand and although not pleasant, it was accepted, indifferent. Now I’m about to get a little wishy washy and mystical, bear with me. For here lies the point, my problems it seems, all lie within myself, not tied to my work, or to my relationships, right here in the palm of my hand and I’m alright with that. I’m not perfect and I’ve got far more issues than a young lady as lucky as me should have, but it’s okay, I’m mindful of them and I’m working on it. Working on the insecurities, working on being mindful and thankful daily for the gifts I have been granted.

So, why the blog? Few reasons.

One, I usually keep a journal. Have done since I was young, I find writing is extremely therapeutic for me. My mind can be a bit of a jumble at times, I tend to let things (moments, words, gestures) take hold of my thoughts and emotions, writing helps to clarify the mind and solve problems. Generally, I know if I speak long enough, or write in this case, I can find logic in the mess that is my mind. In any case, modern technology dictates that I should blog.. I type neater than i write.

Two, I have a lot to share. I lead what I think is a relatively balanced lifestyle. I’m not extraordinarily anything,  but I am happy. I experience a lot and across a wide range of demographics. I wanted a place to review the things and places that I’ve seen / done / eaten / worn. Like I mentioned, I experience a lot but not too much of any one thing. I’m not a yogini, but I love meditation, yoga and health foods. I’m not a nerd, but my bookshelf is one of my most prized possessions and I love Doctor Who. I’m not a style queen, but I love buying nice clothes, finding great bargains and discovering fantastic new products. I’m not a gym-rat, but my boyfriend is, seriously though, I love running and going to the gym. I’m not a wine connoisseur but I love savoring a nice red, experiencing the history of wine regions, and finding hidden gems in small wineries or clean skins in liquor stores. I’m not a foodie, but I love discovering hot new restaurants and bars, cooking inventive and indulgent meals for my loved ones and eating amazing food.

I don’t think I or anyone for that matter can be fit into a mould, so here it is, the bottom line (Hurrah! Rambling, another thing I’m working on..), just a happy balanced chick from Western Australia blogging about things that turn me on or off and possibly from time to time a bit of guff about becoming a better person and managing my quirks. Until next time.


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  1. I don’t know if you got the reply I just posted (or maybe I didn’t post it). Hope you’re well. Love the blog. I hope you don’t mind me asking you more about blogging when we see you next. Mark.

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