Midnight E-mails, Thoughts and Acronyms

So what happened? 🙂  I got steam rolled by 2015, in the best way possible. I just finished hitting send on the first “big email” of our new business venture at 20 past midnight and am tightly crossing my fingers for a positive response. This is life now, midnight e-mails, 2am payroll, 18 hr days, eat when you can, train when you can, sleep when you can but I wouldn’t change a thing.

So many people try to avoid hard work, look for the easy way out, spend so much time trying to find an “out” or convincing themselves that hard work will be the death of them and “someone else should do it”, they probably don’t realize that if they got stuck in and JFDI they would:

  • be a lot less stressed
  • be happier
  • feel more accomplished
  • get shit DONE (GSD)
  • heaven forbid, even enjoy it!

Laziness, procrastination, indecisiveness is like a big black cloud hanging over your head. It feels terrible, you lack direction, motivation, you know you should be doing something but instead you sit and think about ways to get out of “it”. “It” can be anything, work, exercise, sending an email, reading a book, doing the shopping, going out with friends, calling your parents. We’re all guilty.

Taking decisive action is the relief, or the release if you like. The way to slowly chip away at that cloud and GSD. Write a list of the stuff that’s been hanging over your head. Everything you’ve been meaning to do. Look at it, prioritize it if you like, and just start. You can start with something small. ease your way in if you like. Or if your like me and you like to “eat the frog” go for the biggest, nastiest, mother on that list and hit it head on.

Once you start crossing stuff off you’ll notice it feels kind of good, momentum will build then all of a sudden you’ll look up at 11am notice that you’ve sent 5 important emails, done the groceries, called your parents, cleaned the pantry, vacuumed the house and finished 6 sudokus. Or something like that 😉

2015 for me was the year to GSD – it was incredible, one of the happiest and most satisfying years to date. Might tell you about it in my next post if I can find time between getting shit done. For now though. Time for bed, goodnight 🙂

F xx



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