Easy Meditation for Big Kids

It’s been a while between a meditation or mindfulness post on the blog. Trust however that the importance of practising mindfulness and meditation hasn’t been lost or forgotten (although perhaps slightly backburnered). I’ve been busy lately, extremely so. Working 7 days a week, training 5 days a week, on a new diet, excuse, excuse etc. So, with so much going on how could I possibly spare 10 minutes to sit in the same spot and do nothing?! Questions like that are exactly why I should. (Read: Making Time for Meditation)

Over the next few weeks I hope to begin a standard daily meditation practise again. In the meantime however I’m keeping up with some of the following techniques. These were originally designed for kids but they are very simple and easy to incorporate into daily life relatively seamlessly. So I see no reason why us big kids can’t enjoy them as well!

Listen to the bell.

Take a moment to pay attention to the sounds you can here around you. Is there one that is constant? The wind outside? A tap dripping nearby? Or can you make a sound, perhaps a phone app with a repeating bell or chiming sound? Tune into the sound and listen carefully and closely to it until you lose focus and the sound fades or disappears. (I know a few men who are brilliant at this one.)


Practice with a breathing buddy.

This is a great one to practise in bed as you are falling asleep. Grab your favorite stuffed toy (or pillow for the more “grown-up” kids out there) and lie down on your back with your buddy on your belly. Focus your attention on the rise and fall of your stuffed object as you breath in and out.

Make your walks mindful.

I’ve written before about walking meditations here: Everyday Mindfulness – Walking Meditations. Practise walking mindfully, tuning into sounds, sights and feelings around you.

Take 10.



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