Health Trends – Translation Please?

Organic, Raw, Fermented, Paleo and Activated are all health-nut terms that have been around for a while now.  Personally, I have an unnatural appreciation for a good marketing scheme and quite often find myself buying products based on their “organic-ness”, or their pretty packaging, without perhaps having the grandest understanding of the production process and why its allegedly better for me.  So, over the last few months I’ve dedicated a little extra time to asking more questions trying to find out what exactly all these fabulous buzz words mean and whether or not they are genuinely better for me or just a tricky ploy to get me to spend 15 bucks on raspberries instead of 5. Anyway, the following is my translation of what a few of the terms mean along with my personal opinion on whether or not it’s worth spending the extra dollars in the grocery aisles.


Okay so these posts have ended up being much longer than I originally planned so I have split them into more bite size individual posts that are hopefully slightly easier to take in. I will be sharing them over the next fortnight so keep an eye on my blog for each new update or alternatively subscribe below to receive all of my updates straight to your inbox!

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PS. I am really happy with this series of posts and I genuinely hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them for you. As always I appreciate your feedback and/or personal story about your own health trend experiences!

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