Hungry for Soul Food

My mind has been wandering. I blame Shantaram mostly. In case you haven’t experienced it, Shantaram is an epic novel set in exciting and mysterious Bombay following the life of an ex convict and born again “good guy” Linbaba as he falls in love with the people, colours, sounds and smells of Southern India. The story is fascinating, beautifully descriptive right the way through and well worth the substantial investment of time needed to surmount it’s pages. Again, whilst well worth the hours it has left me utterly hungry for more, more travel, more compassion, more meaning.

Be more. Do more. See more.


Seems like everyone these days is chasing after at least one of the “mores”. People wanting to achieve more, become better people, kinder people and encourage others to do the same. So perhaps I’m just jumping on a bandwagon (somewhat late) but at least it’s not a juice cleanse or the Paleo diet. Perhaps I may even do a little good and if you ask me I think that’s the coolest trend there has been for a long time.

splash_logoSo I started small last week, volunteering as a cook on an Edmund Rice Camp for Underprivileged Children. Just for a few days. It was a wonderful experience, I had the opportunity to meet some extraordinary young men and women and some very special children. Doing work that was utterly exhausting for the body but extremely nourishing for the soul.

Spending time with family on a free day in Bunbury I found myself blushing deep shades of red when my dad boasted to the neighbours that I’d been volunteering for the camp. After all, the work, didn’t really feel like work at all. The children had made me smile so much and I had, had, so much fun it honestly felt like they were doing me a favour, not vice versa. Further to that my partner has been involved with the Edmund Rice charity for many years so getting involved was easy and felt sort of like riding on his coattails. Regardless, being able to involve myself in a cause that was not only making a difference to the lives of some incredible children but has been such a significant part of my partners life was kind of special and very heart warming.

Along with a thoughtful and generous partner I am also blessed to know some generous and kind mentors who I look to often for encouragement. They provide positivity, inspiration and courage unwittingly, making a difference without any need for recognition or admiration. I would really like to do a post about them in the near future to share their stories, in the hope that they may offer some inspiration to others as they have to me.

So what next? To be honest I’m not sure, although I have a few ideas bouncing around in my mind. While there’s nothing significant planned in the immediate future, I like to believe that in the meantime I am kind to people naturally, do the odd good deed, care abundantly for my loved ones and do my best to show it. Somehow I feel like we could always do more.

After all in an often unforgiving world, can we ever be kind enough to each other and ourselves?

– Fiona


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