Down with the Sickness?

It is officially flu season in Perth. I copped a tiny sniffle after our trip away. Presumably from the plane, some bad dehydration and a mild case of post holiday blues but bounced back after a few days and have felt relatively bug free since. I haven’t had a flu shot this year or for the last few for that matter, (also, it should be noted that it’s not for any particular hardcore hippie idealistic reason it’s just that I haven’t had it and I can’t be bothered organizing it).

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Anyhow, early morning temperatures in Perth dropped down to 2 degrees Celsius last week ensuring that plenty of people this week are spluttering all over the place spreading lots of wonderful bugs for our immune systems to fight off. While it would be a lot easier for these people to lift their game and extend a little bit of common courtesy while they are ill (ie. cover their mouth when coughing,  wash their hands, stay at home!) It just aint realistic. So instead of handing each and every sick person I see a tissue and bottle of hand sanitizer, I take matters into my own hands and attempt to protect my precious immunity with the following boosters along with warm cloths, a nutrient dense diet and plenty of rest!


glutamineGlutamine is an amino acid naturally made in the body. It is the most abundant amino acid in the body and provides nitrogen and carbon to the body’s cells, a process that is essential for the function of vital organs and cell repair. In periods of high stress, as well as after a heavy workout or cardio session glutamine levels in our body are depleted leaving our immune system open to attack until the body can get glutamine stores up to normal level. Glutamine as a supplement comes in a white powder form that is easily mixed with water, taking a teaspoon or two throughout the day during flu season will ensure you are giving your immune system strong and lasting protection.
CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

mrm-claCLA is a well known for its fat loss properties and is one of my favourite supplements for this function. However out of pure curiosity I did a little research to see whether it was linked at all to boosting immunity and found the following. Making it not only one of my favourite supplements for fat loss but for overall well-being. You can buy it cheap online here.

“CLA improves immune system function by reducing leukotrienes and prostaglandins, which are responsible for immune system suppression. To improve immune function with CLA, it is recommended to take 2g to 4g of CLA daily. Those who suffer from allergies may also benefit from CLA. Conjugated linoleic acid works by triggering a protective immune system mechanism that blocks the release of IgE antibodies, which is a type of immunoglobulin associated with allergies.”

Vitamin D

Studies have shown that Vitamin D can be successful when fighting certain diseases and also helps with calcium absorption. It is well known that vitamin D is an essential vitamin naturally produced by our bodies when we are exposed to sunlight. In winter we tend to lock ourselves away slightly, training in the gym for example when during the warmer months we would be running outside and soaking up the sunshine. This can result in a Vitamin D deficiency which can be detrimental to our body and immune system.


Last and most importantly, water. It seems obvious as we all need water to survive. However even slight dehydration can lead to a weakened immune system. Firstly staying hydrated ensures that your red blood cells can carry plenty of oxygen to all of the cells in your body for them to function properly. It also allows your body to flush toxins out and prevent any build up in your system through sweat, mucous and kidney function.

Stay warm, stay healthy!



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