Guest Post: Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga – Part 3

Here is the final addition to my mother’s series of guest posts. You can find the other posts here: Part 1 and here: Part 2.

joyIt has been a pleasure to have mum write for my blog over past few weeks and have enjoyed sharing her excitement in discovering the satisfaction that yoga can provide when incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. The practise of yoga is as flexible and dynamic in theory as it is in practise. It is easily accessible for many many different ability levels and I truly believe that it’s practise can be of great benefit to people of all ages and from all walks of life.

You’re never too old, never too bad, never too late and never too sick to start from the scratch once again. ― Bikram Choudhury

Part 3:

Today was our last session of the Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga course.  Not sure if I mentioned this before but Ashtanga is the most dynamic form of Yoga (talk about taking the bull by the horns!)

magic-carpets-0081As I have discovered over the last 4 weeks I have noticeably built strength in my core area and have had less issues with lower back and hip pain. In regards to balance some days I have it and others not so much.   While attempting to follow through at home, I must admit I am not dedicated to practicing every day; I have struggled to remember the series fully.  However, I do hope to work on this because I believe that this form of yoga is not only beneficial to my physical health and endurance but also to my mental wellbeing and general health.

Each lesson has been a lesson in grounding me mentally and physically.  Really listening to my body and responding to what it can and cannot do.  I have been amazed in the last 2 weeks how I can feel the flexibility coming back into my tight joints.  Today I attempted a shoulder stand.  Last week I shied away from even having a go, afraid I would break my neck or dislocate a shoulder.  Having the confidence in my own ability to challenge my body enabled me to push myself that little bit further.  I was exhilarated by the simple fact that I managed a shoulder stand for the first time in over 40 years & came out of it elegantly!  I am pretty proud of that.

My husband and I have both enjoyed participating in this Introductory Course.  I am pleased that we took the opportunity to, at the very least, have a go.  As we have discovered it has been much more than simply that.  We have come away feeling invigorated and inspired to continue and to learn more about Ashtanga.  On reflection, the last 4 weeks have been a wonderful opening to find out more on, what was to us, an intriguing form of exercise.  And, I am pleased that we have enjoyed this course together.

At this point I would like to thank our daughter Fiona for her continued encouragement and for inviting me to contribute to her blog about our experience.




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