Donnelly River

My partner and I spent a wonderful long weekend recently in Donnelly River for a friend’s wedding.  The beautiful couple are both environmentalists and Donnelly River presented as the perfect picturesque background for a low key and simply beautiful wedding amongst nature. Here are a few snaps from our time away;

Well out of telephone reception and far away from light pollution Donnelly River is the perfect place for anyone wanting to refresh, recharge and escape the incessant hum  of the city. We stayed in 1950’s cottages nestled amongst the trees and enjoyed waking up each morning to the sounds of birds singing and barking, yes barking, kangaroos. During the day there is plenty to see within walking distance, including the history of this 1950s mill town, the Bibbulmun track, a swimming lake and plenty of wildlife to entertain you. You will need to bring mostly your own fresh groceries, meat, veggies, and milk etc. but no need to supply your own wine or coffee. The general store makes a brilliant cup and the wineries in the region are second to none. Although a little out of the way, I still strongly recommend at least a daytrip visit for anyone in the South West Region.

You can find more details on getting to Donnelly River, accommodation and the town’s history here – Donnelly River.



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