What to wear to Bikram and how to do it on a budget

The other day I turned up to class, popped my mat down and relaxed into my pre-practise savasana. A few moments later, this poor bloke, clearly influenced (dragged along) by his loving girlfriend rolled his mat out just a few metres away. He was all decked out in a nipple bearing “stringer singlet”, shorts AND full length skins.  I spent the rest of the time before class involved in a moral ethics battle in my mind as to whether I should warn him or not. Deciding that he’d probably done it before and no doubt his girlfriend had warned him already, I shook my head silently and decided to mind my own business.  2 postures in, he’s kneeling, 4 postures in, lying down, whimpering (okay perhaps the whimpering was just in my mind), the whole time sweating absolute  buckets and no doubt wishing he had gone sans skins.


Moral of the story? When it comes to Bikram Yoga, having the right gear can mean the difference between a fabulous practise and an hour and a half of agony. The very basic guidelines of what to wear to class go a little like this.

Make it tight
Loose fitting tops might make sense in your head but you will find that during class your clothes will hang and bunch and cause you all kinds of frustration. Ladies, go for a tight singlet or even better a crop top. If you can get a wicking material or a top with some mesh it will make a huge difference. Guys, it’s okay to go shirtless, otherwise a tighter singlet with a breathable and wicking material is good. A small note here, I touched on it previously in my post (Bikram Yoga and Neck Pain) This goes for Ladies as well as Gents and I do mean it in the nicest possible way; Nobody is looking, nobody is judging. We are all far too hot and focusing far too much on not fainting to worry about whether your tummy is, or isn’t a rippling six pack or whether you skin is, or isn’t as reflective as the moon. It’s okay to let go of your insecurities for now, surely its far more important for you to have a comfortable and successful practise than to hold back controlled by your own unnecessary anxieties, smile.

I would never be seen in public wearing the tiny shorts I don in the hotbox but I honestly couldn’t wear anything else, long pants/tights? No way. Shorts, any shorts, as long as they are actual shorts (above the knee) is the way to go. Ladies, tighter is better (same reasons as above), plus loose shorts open you to the risk of gaping at the legs/tush and flashing your knickers to the rest of the class.

Lululemon and Lorna Jane are excellent places to start if you are looking for good quality, comfortable yoga wear and don’t mind burning a bit of cash. Personally, I don’t understand how such a teeny weeny pair of shorts and a crop top can cost quite so much. Yes they are super comfy, durable and if I wasn’t on a budget I might be able to justify the spend. For now though I’ve been looking around for some less pricey options, here are a couple steals.

Cotton On Body
The Body Down Under Shortie – A$14.95
Comes in black and a heap of cute prints I love the look of these ones.

Cotton On bikram Shorts

Big W
Cross Back Top by Michelle Bridges – A$25.00
Comes in black to which is currently on sale for only A$15.00

 Michelle Bridges Crop





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