Fitbit Flex – Tech Review

The very latest in lifestyle and fitness trends, “activity trackers” are taking the health industry by storm. Here’s my review on my recently acquired Fitbit Flex.


Activity –
The Fitbit Flex monitor steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned and active minutes so you can keep yourself in check as to just how energetic you really are.

Sleep Cycle Tracker –
When worn at night the sleep cycle tracker monitors the length and quality of your sleep. You can even set the Flex to wake you up gently with a silent vibrating alarm in the morning.

Instant Updates –
Online tracking lets you sync your device from your computer or smart phone (Android or iPhone) allowing you to track progress, set new goals, log your food intake, compare with friends through the online community or Facebook and much more.

Fitbit Screenshot

Design & Comfort

The design of the Fitbit Flex is comfortable, super light weight and boasts the added bonus of being water resistant. The 5 LED lights on the band help you to grab a quick snapshot on how you are tracking towards daily goals. I currently wear the black small band. Although the Flex’s design is rather understated and sophisticated looking the black is quite harsh and I am considering changing the band to a colour that’s just a little more fun and a little less like a inmates GPS device.

Fitbit pink

The Good

As mentioned above the design of the strap isn’t too bad. The flexibility to swap strap colours and sizes also seems to be a success. The Fitbit Flex (A$129.95) is comparatively well priced compared to other leaders in the market and has the flexibility of being compatible with both iPhone and Android systems unlike the Nike Fuelband (A$229.00) which is only compatible with Apple products. Both the app and the web portal are well designed and user friendly. The battery life also seems to be fairly solid lasting around 5 days.

The Bad

The display, while its good to be able to get a quick look at your daily progress it would be great if the Fitbit Flex had the capacity to show the time of day also. You do have the flexibility to log your food in the Fitbit application or web portal but so far the food database is American only leaving Australian users missing out on the full potential of this device.


At first I was somewhat unconvinced as to how the Fitbit Flex would meld into my life however I have been pleasantly surprised at how fond I’ve grown of this new tech. My favourite functions of the Flex are easily the step counter and the sleep tracker. Working in a sedentary job it has been disturbingly enlightening to see just how little I am moving throughout the day. ¬†Personally, the Fitbit Flex offers a handy tool to keep me motivated to move more on top of my usual exercise routine and I plan to continue using it for at least a few more months until I get my daily activity up to a happy level. While I feel anyone wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle could find some value out of owning a Fitbit Flex I would especially recommend this product to anyone working in a sedentary job.



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