Saying no to crap salads this Festive Season – Recipes!

Personally I think there’s nothing worse than being at a fantastic Christmas party, serving up a delicious slab of perfectly glazed ham alongside a slice of moist and succulent turkey, getting to the “healthy” stuff, only to find you have a choice of, creamy, sugary, heavy potato salad or an equally sickly coleslaw. This year, I have put a strict ban on downright crap salads. If you’re going to have superstar meat dishes, then to me, it seems only fair to have equally fabulous sides. Here’s a terrific trio that will be featuring at my dinner table this Christmas!


“Crowd Favourite”

2              large Ripe Pears – Seeds removed, sliced finely
250         grams mixed Rocket and Baby Spinach Leaves
1/3          cup Basil leaves
1              large Avocado – sliced
1              cup Pecans – Toasted lightly in pan over medium heat without oil (can also use walnuts is preferred)
100          grams crumbled Tasmanian Feta (South Cape is fantastic – or you can sub in a rich Blue Cheese here if your attending a “grown ups” Party.)

1/8          cup EVOO
3              tbsp Lemon Juice
Good Quality Balsamic Glaze.

Toss Leaves, Basil and Pear together in large bowl. Sprinkle with Pecans and Cheese and on serving top lightly with dressing of your choice. Enjoy!

“Perfectly refreshing for a hot and steamy Australian Christmas”

2              large Mangoes – Peeled and cubed
2              large Avocados – Peeled and cubed
1              large Cos Lettuce – Chopped roughly
3              tbsp Fresh Mint – Torn
1              large Fresh Red Chilli (Optional) – Sliced finely

1/4          cup EVOO
1              tbsp Honey
2              tbsp White Balsamic
2              tsp of fresh Lemon or Lime
1              tsp Dijon Mustard

Toss salad ingredients together  in a bowl. Put dressing ingredients into small container and shake until well combined. Drizzle over the Salad on serving. This one is best served cold! Enjoy!

“The Show Stopper”

Roasted Veg:
1              small Eggplant – Cubed
1              medium Zucchini – Cubed
450         grams Cherry Tomatoes – Cut in half
1              large Red or Yellow Capsicum – Cubed
1/2           medium Butternut Pumpkin – Peeled and cubed
1              small Sweet Potato – Peeled and cubed
1              large Beetroot – Peeled and cubed
1              small Fennel Bulb  – Chopped
1              medium Onion – Chopped
2              medium Cloves Garlic – Crushed
1              tbsp basil leaves – Torn

Roast vegetables slowly until tender. Sprinkle basil and Garlic over vegetables towards end of cooking.

Cous Cous:
275         grams Cous Cous (Can be subbed for Quinoa)
510         ml hot Vegetable Stock
110         grams Firm Goats Cheese (can sub in Danish Feta instead) – Cubed

Pour hot stock over cous cous, stir. Set aside for 5 mins and then stir again. Once cooled, add cheese cubes and mix through.

6              tbsp Oil
1/4           tspn Cayenne Pepper
2              tbsp Cumin
2              heaped tbsp Tomato paste
1/3           cup Lime Juice (approx 2 limes)

Mix ingredients and whisk until they come together.


Placed mixed leaves on a large plate (I like, Rocket, Baby Spinach, Coriander, Parsley). Run fork through cous cous /cheese to lighten it up and place on top of leaves followed by vegetable pieces. Drizzle with dressing. Enjoy!

Would love to hear your feedback on these recipes and what suggestions or variations you have tried! Merry Christmas!

Fiona x


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